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Bright Soft offers a complete web development package—we design striking websites, we develop and deploy solutions for your website, and we also take care of web marketing, SEO and lead generation. We know that your website is your public face. It has the power to create a positive or negative impact on your customers and clients.

We see web technology as a facilitator of speedy and efficient business processes; consequently, the websites and web application we build for you will be clutter-free. Our web design will make your website easily navigable, and it will entice the users to explore your website further. As we offer a complete package, comprising web development, web design and web marketing, you will get complete web solutions at one place, at attractive rates.

Web Design

  • We have a very creative web development team, headed by award-wining artists and graphic designers.
  • Our design for your website will be creative and striking; this will capture the attention of the users.
  • Our user interface will be as simple and intuitive as possible; this will provide a smooth, easy and engaging web experience to your clients.

Web Development

  • We have a large, talented and diverse team of experienced software developers and programmers.
  • Our expertise in web development, web application building & deployment, and our QA and testing safeguards ensure that the websites we build for you will function efficiently under any circumstances.
  • Our web development is customer-centric, and we build unique, customized websites based on your business needs.

Web Marketing

  • SEO is the best way to get noticed on the web. Our dedicated SEO consultants possess an in-depth knowledge of SEO, search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising.
  • We will take care of your campaigns and follow a long-term policy to help you ascend on Google Page Ranks.
  • We will also help you monetize your business by running email campaigns, lead generation, banner advertisement design and deployment.