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SWAT-OC Methodology

SWAT (You)

  • Provides product owner (PO) at your discretion. This may vary per-project.

Outsource Company – OC (Bright Soft Infotech Consulting)

  • Provides scrum team
  • Provides scrum master


  • SWAT prioritises backlog and selects project for outsourcing
  • PO does high level wireframes and other required specification work for next highest priority item
  • PO + SWAT does internal sizing
  • PO makes go/no go decision
  • PO finalises all material including comps, wireframes, etc.
  • PO + OC do sizing
  • PO makes final go/no go decision
  • Sprint planning 1 / 2 then sprints proceed as normal with PO + OC working together
  • PO is included in daily stand ups, review and retrospective

Contractual terms

  • Contract will be based on time and materials
  • SWAT can cancel at any time with one sprint notice – in other words once SWAT cancels, the current sprint will finish then one more will run.
  • SWAT can grow/shrink number of scrum teams with one sprint’s notice
  • PO will work directly with team, not via a proxy such as a business analyst
  • SWAT signs off OC’s definition of done

In case you would require an executive to work for you, we will send you the resumes for the candidates and you can take the interview. Once selected by you, we will provide the messenger ids of the resource you have selected and you can directly contact him for the work to be done. We will either charge you on hourly or monthly basis depending on the type of work and your preference.