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A number of companies are now opting for offshore development and maintenance, as this model not just helps them to reduce the cost of software development, but also frees them from the hassles and expenses of hastily obtaining a permanent resource, or training their own workforce to perform new tasks and develop new skill sets.

When you opt for offshore development with Bright Soft Infotech, your whole project is carried out at our offshore location in India. At the initial stage of the project, our Business Analysis Team interacts with you and understands the requirements of your project.

Once the project starts, you will be in direct contact with the offshore team. This offshore team, located in India, will work exclusively on your project, and you can easily communicate with them using phone, chat, mail, teleconference, or web conference. We will manage the offshore team working on your project, and there will be no in-person interaction after the initial stage.

We advocate the use of offshore development projects to companies who have clearly defined requirements and whose projects are already planned. For offshore development, it is imperative that the client knows what he wants from the project, and he must clearly spell out his requirements and expectations. Once we form a clear picture of client’s project and his expectations, the development process becomes simpler and faster.

Clients with long-term projects, or with string of related projects, can get fantastic cost-benefits by partnering with us for offshore development. Companies with short-term projects with well-defined project requirements can also take advantage of the attractive rates. In case an organization needs to develop software for its own use, partnering with an offshore development company won’t just cut costs, but also guarantee proper testing and maintenance.

Benefits Offered By Bright Soft Infotech Offshore Development

  • Cost Benefit: You can save a lot of time and energy.
  • Infrastructure: You need to make no investment in infrastructure.
  • Best Talent: The best of India’s talented and experienced IT professionals work for you.
  • Proper Communication: Our offshore team works as per our client’s time zone and you can contact us 24/7.
  • Planning and Reporting: Our project visibility plans and reports make it easier for you to see and evaluate the status and quality of work.

Contact us for a fulfilling and beneficial offshore development experience. We promise timely delivery of high-quality customized products that will satisfy your specific needs at reasonable rates.