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We deploy server solutions that make it easy for you to centralize, control and protect your critical business information and applications.

Bright Soft server solutions are aimed at small and midsize organizations that do not have the time or the need for developing and installing their own personal server solutions. Managing and safeguarding complex server infrastructure can gobble up a lot of your time, and instead of concentrating on your core competency you end up spending an inordinate amount of time on server management.

We provide complete server solutions. Our services will not only help your minimize your server management spending, but it will also augment the capacity, security and efficiency of your servers. We believe in an organic approach, and we will ensure that your preexisting resources are utilized optimally in case of server upgradation. You can depend on us for all your server management requirements, be it web server, database servers or integrated servers; we will design, deploy, run performance enhancement procedures and increase your system availability.

Key Advantages of Bright Soft Server Solutions

  • Your server administration and management cost will decrease considerably.
  • You will not need to spend time, manpower or extra money on server management.
  • Uptime for your servers will increase, business operations will become more efficient.
  • Complete server solutions will get you more services for lesser investments.
  • We use innovative technologies and deliver quality products in your financial range.

Bright Soft Offers a Vast Variety of Server Solutions and Services

  • Daily server administration
  • Server capacity planning and management
  • Server consolidation and performance management
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Server diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Server security management
  • Backup administration, user administration and access control